Life According to M. D. Stuart

The drawing on the cover of my first book is, like everything else in the book, from a real memory.  I used to love to walk under the wet sheets hanging on the clothesline in my back yard.  I felt hidden in there with that smell of Tide detergent still on the sheets… but as you can see in the drawing my feet show – so I couldn’t hide the deformed left one – so it punctuates that I never really was hidden.  I also think the drawing is somehow humorous…something I used a lot as a child as an emotional survival skill.  Also you can see the little bag hanging on the line.  That little canvas bag held the wooden clothes pins…both the ones that had springs and pinched! And the single wooden ones with no spring.  I somehow remember the gagging taste of the wood so I must have put them in my mouth as part of the process of discovering life as a small child.

The secret: my deformity is a gift...not a liability

Surviving...with loyal pet, Penny

We are all Presents

Doc’s pain and reward

A real writer needs a real pen

Dreaded phone --> Dr  --> shots or surgery

Why is the word Ritch misspelled? The irony is you noticed the misspelling, even though the meaning of the word when used is clear and understood. Translate that to society: perfection is too important.  It is the meaning and substance of a person that really matters.